Meet Kenny Karl

My name is Kenny Karl Skaflestad, I am running for the Alaska State House of Representatives, District 35.

One of my most proud occupations has been raising a son who is now a U.S Marine Corp recruit. 

I have spent most of my career in Construction in over 80 communities around the Great State of Alaska. I have worked side-by-side with many of you on harbors, roads, airports, hydro dams and other projects to improve our quality of life. 


My Priorities


ALaska Marine Highway

Once elected, I will ensure this vital transportation mode stays in step with growth in our communities.


Economic Diversity

I will work hard to create jobs and economic diversity in our region. The huge tourism development, while I served as Mayor in Hoonah, is a testament to this aspiration. 


Smaller Government

I believe less taxes and less regulation creates an environment for business stability and development. Legislating a responsible budget and living within our means is critical for our State.


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